Welcome to SimPTA v1.04!

Einstein predicted that accelerating massive objects create ripples (gravitational waves) in the space-time fabric of the Universe. Astronomers can use an array of millisecond pulsars (highly accurate celestial 'clocks' that emit pulses of electromagnetic radiation) in the Galaxy as a detector, by measuring changes in the arrival times of emitted pulses.

SimPTA is an online tool to simulate the effects of a gravitational wave source on the pulse arrival times.

Key features:

  • Create a timing array by selecting the coordinates of pulsars on the virtual SimPTA sky
  • Inject a gravitational wave background or single source of gravitational waves
  • View the timing residuals, strain spectrum, power spectra of the timing residuals and a correlation curve

SimPTA runs Tempo2 pulsar timing software. Thanks to George Hobbs and Vikram Ravi for supplying the plugins for this simulator.

Your feedback is important for continued development of this tool. Please don't hesitate to email me at info@ljtwebdevelopment.com

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